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In the world of forex trading there is the term Rebate. Regarding rebates is a spread return service provided by brokers
through the broker's representative commonly referred to as the IB (Introducer Broker)

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What is a Rebate

Rebate is a return spread service provided by a broker through a broker representative commonly referred to as IB (Introducer Broker)

Many traders want to find rebate forex from several brokers who provide rebate services.

Forexrebate.id works with more than 20+ brokers. Provides rebate services from these brokers.
A rebate broker is always one of the best ways for brokers to compensate for trading spreads and commissions to their clients.

For example suppose you are trading in a EURO / USD pair with the size of 1 Lot transaction volume. When a 1 lot transaction in EUR / USD with a 3 pips spread, you end up paying 30 USD to the broker.

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